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Commercial Canopy Awnings Installed To Elystan In Chelsea

restaurant canopy

Blinds and awnings manufacturer and installer Deans Blinds and Awnings UK Ltd have installed the bespoke commercial canopies at the new exclusive Chelsea Restaurant, in Elystan Street. The canopies installed are a neatly understated style befitting this sophisticated area of London and the soft greys of the frames and fabrics compliment the colours of the restaurant frontage.

About Chelsea Restaurant:

Chef Phil Howard of Chelsea Restaurant has launched this new venture on the former site of the restaurant “Tom Aikens” in Chelsea this September. The site will be run in partnership with restaurateur Rebecca Mascarenhas. It is the third restaurant to be unveiled by the pair who already co-own two other celebrated London venues, the one-Michelin-starred Kitchen W8 in Kensington, and Sonny’s Kitchen in Barnes.

About Deans Blinds and Awnings UK Ltd :

Commercial awnings and canopies are manufactured by Deans in their Wimbledon factory and each project is individual to the particular application. Restaurant awnings not only to add a focus to the business but can be manually or electrically operated to give customer protection and decorated with graphics in the businesses own distinctive style. More information about Deans restaurant awnings and canopies at

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Deans Classic Commercial Awnings Installed at the Benenden Community Shop

shop awnings  at  Benendon

The Benenden Community Shop is firmly at the centre of the Cranbrook community.

For a great number of local people, the shop provides an essential lifeline, for others. It is valued as a convenience which is welcome. Everyone will find something new at the shop.

A key element is that the entire business will be operated by the people for the community. The store is staffed by a professional management team, supported by loyal volunteers.

Benenden Community Shop Limited comprises of over 300 shareholders. They have invested a massive sum of £70,000.

The shop’s Shareholders are members of a Community Benefit Society under the terms of the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

The Shareholders vote for, and stand for election to, the Management Committee which has overall responsibility for the fantastic enterprise.

The business plan can be seen online. It shows a professional business model with solid financial viability with a conservative outlook.

The investment has supported the refit of the shop premises. Added were counters, chillers, all necessary equipment, and the purchase of initial stock.

The awnings refit was done by Deans Blinds and Awnings UK. It was a Deans Classic commercial awning. Deans say the product is available in either manual or electric format. It can be up to 12.00 meters wide wide arm extensions from 1.5 to 3.5 meters.

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Burnham Resources Warns Employers about the Dangers of Payroll Fraud

Burnham Resources, a UK recruitment and outplacement consultancy specialising in payroll jobs and payroll staffing based in Egham, Surrey, has recently released an advisory article for businesses to be on the lookout for payroll fraud as it is being twice as likely to occur in small organisations.

The details of the advisory article are at

It is a useful guide for identifying and preventing payroll fraud. Although it is difficult to determine a motive for payroll fraud as they are often varied or complex, it is possible to close off; reducing the opportunity and ability to carry out the fraud undetected.

About Burnham Resources:

Burnham Resources is a recruitment and outplacement consultancy specialising in payroll jobs, payroll staffing and payroll vacancies. They are based west of London near to Heathrow, with a head office in Egham, Surrey. it is an independent agency placed at the hub of a network of contacts comprising of numerous contractors and user clients. More information about Burnham Resources payroll services is available at their website.

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